Abyssinian in Hartford, CT

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Hidden in between a multitude of ethnic restaurants and cafes on Farmington Avenue, Abyssinian is a small restaurant serving Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. As Hartford is too far from my home in Garland, Texas, I chose to visit Abyssinian to find a little piece of home in Hartford. Authentic Ethiopian food cooked with a touch of mom’s love cannot be replaced by restaurant food, but the service and wonderful cooking at Abyssinian comes pretty close. First opened in 2004, Abyssinian serves Ethiopian food that brings people together around a large platter. Ethiopian dishes are served with a variety of stews on a thin bread made of Teff called Injera. The owner who plays a dual role as the waiter greets and sits customers as they come in the door. While recommending dishes, he also teaches newcomers about Ethiopian food and culture. Common to many small Ethiopian restaurants, service is slow, but going to the restaurant with an Ethiopian friend who can speak the language or know to call and order in before going to the restaurant can help make service operate faster.

The existence of an Ethio-Eritrean restaurant along with the many other ethnic restaurants in Hartford reflects the transnational nature of Hartford which holds in in its midst many different diaspora communities in varying sizes including Ethiopians, Eritreans, Nepali community, and a large Puerto Rican community.


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Doro Wot (Chicken Stew ) , an all time favorite dish of mine. I always have to have Doro Wot when I go to Abyssinian. Go try Abyssinian, you won’t regret it!




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