Millburn Deli, Millburn NJ

Located in the heart of downtown Millburn, New Jersey, the Millburn Deli has been making their famous sandwiches for over 70 years. With over 500 customers daily, it seems bizarre that it is located in a small town with a population of ~20,000 people. However, the deli is located on Millburn Avenue, the main street that cuts through the Central Business District, and can be found among the many boutiques, cafes, boutique workout classes, and restaurants located in the downtown. With a parking lot directly next to the deli, a newly renovated eating/sitting area next-door, and Taylor Park, a popular destination for families and children in the Spring/Summer, located directly behind, it seems the deli could not be better situated for their customers.

Front view of the deli

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Millburn Deli has been worshiped for its high-priced sandwiches (~$9.75), both hot and cold, since it opened in 1946 and with the daily crowds it seems the praise is not stopping any time soon. The decor further adds to the “deli experience”, as there are brightly colored humorous signs that are hanging all over the walls, the ceiling, and the refrigerators; complete with a menu so large it could take you hours to decide.

Menu fills the entire back wall, signs hang from the ceiling, and the sandwiches line the counters

I visited “The Deli” on Sunday morning, March 19th, before heading back up to school. I was asked by a few of my friends to bring up several “Godfaddas” and “Gossip Girl” sandwiches. Since I went in the morning, I missed the huge crowds that form around lunch time since both the middle school and high school are located within walking distance, further making the deli a popular location.

The “Jay Ray” Sandwich

My favorite sandwich is the “Godafadda” because while I am not a huge fan of chicken cutlets on sandwiches, it is hard to refuse when it is topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, Russian dressing sauce, and bacon. Other popular sandwiches are the Jay Ray (chicken cutlet, bacon, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce on a grilled sub) and the extremely popular Sloppy Joe, a crafted triple-decker sandwich made with cole slaw, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and deli meat served on freshly made rye bread.

The famous "Sloppy Joe"
The famous “Sloppy Joe”

These sandwiches are so delicious that my aunt and uncle, both originally from Millburn/Short Hills, would have the Deli overnight ship them Sloppy Joes to Ocean View, DE every few months so they and their golf buddies could enjoy them after a round of golf.

The “Griller #8” Sandwich

If you’re ever in the Northern New Jersey area, stop by and see for yourself why this deli can be found in the Sandwich Hall of Fame.

Campbell Holman

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