Salsa Under the Sun

After hours of walking in the crowded yet beautiful streets of South Beach Miami, my hunger pain became increasingly louder. By the sound of my rumbling stomach, I needed fuel. Given our unfamiliarity with the area, we politely asked our hotel clerk for a recommendation on top rated, cheap eats and sure enough her answer was TACOS! Yes, more tacos that we had just eaten the night before but we did not think twice about going for a second round. The hotel clerk was even nice enough to offer a discount to the nearby Taco Rico Tex-Mex. After walking for three short minutes, the lingering smell of fresh salsa and seasoned grilled meat was wrapped around the corner signaling the Taco Rico joint. We were greeted by a short, elderly woman who spoke little English. It was a clear, sunny day so we decided to enjoy our meal while watching the tourists and Miami natives move about the streets in front of us. Now I must mention the savory salsa options. I had never been to a tex-mex where customers are free to select and gather the salsa of their liking with no restrictions. Knowing me, I wanted all of them. While waiting for our meal, I eagerly reached for the warm tortilla chips and dove into the garden salsa first. I immediately enjoyed a burst of flavors running rampant across my taste buds. The perfect mix of fresh vegetables left me wanted more so I tried two other salsas and happily stored some to carry out. I ordered the Baja Bowl which was just as pleasing as the nine salsa options. I’m not sure who was responsible for producing those mastery pieces of a meal but I greatly appreciated the authenticity, kindness, and the setting of the restaurant and its workers. Taco Rico Tex-Mex brings light and ethnic diversity to South Beach Miami.  I will definitely return and/or recommend!

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