Urban Studies 201 at Trinity College

For the fall semester of 2015, I assigned our new book Global Cities, Local Streets: Everyday Diversity from New York to Shanghai to my class (Urban Studies 201) “From Hartford to World Cities” at Trinity College. To help the students get more out of the book and connect it to local shops beyond the six global cities covered by the book, I asked them to visit a local shop or other businesses in their hometowns or else where to write a short blog for the Discussion page of this website. Altogether 28 of the 45 students did so. The local shops and businesses they wrote about vary in size, type, location, and ownership, but they share a few important functional features such as serving the convenient commercial needs of local residents and as their social interaction spaces. While some of them appear to have been part of gentrification, others seem to maintain their local authentic attributes, thanks to clear municipal zoning ordinances that restrict gentrification. Below you can read these 28 posts with photos and make comments on them.

Xiangming Chen

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Trinity Restaurant, Hartford, CT

During Thanksgiving break, I went to Trinity Restaurant located at 243 Zion Street right across from Trinity College. The Agolli’s, an Albanian family, established this local gem offering a variety of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine in 2007. The Agolli’s were involved in the restaurant business in their home country, and their native culture shines through many aspects of Trinity… Continue Reading

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Berwyn Bagel Factory in Suburban Philadelphia

Berwyn Bagel Factory is an establishment located in the suburbs of the Philadelphia area. It is known to be a place with excellent breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Its location is also walking distance from the local nearby high school named Conestoga High School. The primary customers that go there for a bite to eat are… Continue Reading

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Franklin Giant Grinder Inc. Hartford, CT

Franklin Giant Grinders Inc., a local family run business in the South End of Hartford, Connecticut has been an iconic place to grub out with family and friends while enjoying a piece of this city’s food history. Since the 1960s, residents from neighboring towns come have been going there to indulge in its delicious over-sized… Continue Reading

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Pascarella Bros. Delicatessen, Chatham, NJ

Pascarella Bros. Delicatessen is a local deli in my hometown of Chatham, NJ. Chatham is located in Morris County, New Jersey and is sometimes referred to as “The Chathams,” as it consists of the Chatham Borough and the Chatham Township. The town was settled in 1710 and the township of Chatham was incorporated in 1806 (Township… Continue Reading

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Slave to the Grind Cafe in Westchester, NY

Over Thanksgiving break I visited a coffee shop in my hometown, Bronxville NY, called Slave to the Grind. Slave to the Grind is a traditional coffee shop with a welcoming environment where customers can sit down and drink their coffee or simply sit there and do work. Slave to the Grind plays an interesting role… Continue Reading

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Shu Restaurant, West Hartford, CT

Shu restaurant in West Hartford, CT opened about one year ago. It is located in a commercial complex on the edge of the city of Hartford and West Hartford. This is a Chinese restaurant or more precisely a Sichuan restaurant. It is next door to the big A-Dung Supermarket, an Asian-run hair salon, and a… Continue Reading

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Fruitive: A Virginia Beaches Gem

Fruitive is a vegan restaurant/health and wellness bar located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Not only is it Virginia Beach’s first 100% certified organic restaurant but it is also a first in the state of Virginia. Fruitive is located on a highly visible and popular street in a shopping center called Hilltop.  As stated in the… Continue Reading

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Southdown Coffee, Huntington, New York

Whether you are in a local suburb in New York, Massachusetts, perhaps even on the west coast there is an organic connection between globalization and migration. This past Thanksgiving break I stopped by one of my favorite hometown shops, Southdown Coffee. Southdown Coffee was started a couple years ago and lies in the village of… Continue Reading

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Willimantic: From “Thread City” to “Heroin Town” to Newfound Revitalization

Recently, I went to lunch with a friend in the neighboring village of Willimantic, Connecticut. Willimantic, which is located in the town of Windham, hugs Mansfield and Coventry, two quiet, quaint towns located in what was formerly known as Tolland County. According to the 2010 census, the population of Willimantic was 17,737 (United States Census… Continue Reading

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