Berwyn Bagel Factory in Suburban Philadelphia

Berwyn Bagel Factory is an establishment located in the suburbs of the Philadelphia area. It is known to be a place with excellent breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Its location is also walking distance from the local nearby high school named Conestoga High School. The primary customers that go there for a bite to eat are mostly the local high school students who stop in on their way to school. Other people that often eat there are people who live in Berwyn that will often stop in for a coffee on their way to work to either another town or the city of Philadelphia.

Inside the bagel shop

I have eaten at Berwyn Bagel Factory before. I recently spoke with my younger brother about the establishment. He attended Conestoga High School and was a regular customer and even knows most of the workers by name. He told me that it basically serves as a place for a lot of students to go and socialize after school. It has some competition down the street as there is a Dunkin’ Donuts, however, the customers that attend Bagel Factory prefer it much more. My brother even claims that the reason many of the students get their coffee from Bagel Factory as opposed to Dunkin’ Donuts is because of the cheaper prices. Global Cities, Local Streets talks a lot about how shops can help the local community in various ways and Berwyn Bagel Factory certainly serves as a place where students can enjoy a nice meal and coffee before going to school.  It is very apparent that many people in the area stand by it and are proud of their bagels from there.

Matt Hirshman ’17

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